Looking For The Best Value In A Rockland County Home Renovation Contractor?

People demand value when looking for a Rockland County home renovation contractor. They want the best renovator for the buck. Nuvista Design General Contractors delivers experience, professionalism, Top-notch design, project management, and communications with a total craftsmanship guarantee, all at competitive rates.

Rockland County residents demand value when looking for a home renovation contractor. They want the best renovator for the buck. Nuvista Design General Contractors delivers experience, professionalism, Top-notch design, project management, and communications with a total craftsmanship guarantee, all at competitive rates.


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Our Home Renovation Promise – Delivering the Highest Quality and Service to Increase Your Home’s Value and Beauty

In NY, your home is more than just a shelter—it reflects your style and is a testament to hard work. At Nuvista, we believe in enhancing value and beauty with our premier home renovation services. As a dedicated home renovation contractor in Rockland County, we ensure that each project, whether a kitchen revamp or a bathroom makeover, radiates excellence and innovation.  Our desingers always focus on increase your homes’s value.

Looking For The Best Value in Home Renovation Contractors?

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What Services Does a Quality Renovations Company Provide?

When considering home improvement in NY, it’s crucial to understand what a top-tier contractor offers. Our services cover every need, from kitchen remodeling to outdoor enhancements and bathroom remodeling to expansive home additions. Additionally, we provide expert design consultations, ensuring your vision aligns with the latest trends in renovations.

Choose Nuvista Design GC – Dedicated to Exceed Expectations at Every Phase of Your Renovation Job

In Rockland County, NY, home improvement means more than just construction. It’s about creating memories. With Nuvista, every phase, from design to completion, is handled by expert contractors passionate about their craft. Our general contracting services are not just about bricks and mortar but about realizing your dream home.

How Do I Find The Best

Rockland County Home Renovation Contractor Near Me?

Rockland County boasts numerous home improvement contractors, but finding the right one hinges on their service breadth and commitment to quality. Always opt for a contractor who offers comprehensive home remodeling, with testimonials showcasing their prowess in everything from kitchen to bathroom projects. Nuvista’s track record in Rockland County, NY, speaks for itself.

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Certifications We Have Earned And Brand That We Recommend And Use

Benjamin Moore

Nuvista Designs General Contractors LLC Is EPA-Certified

Lead Safe Certified Firm

Nuvista is among the 5% of comapnies that are GAF Certified Roofers

Sherwin Williams

Timber Tech


Client's Reviews

See why clients can’t stop bragging about our construction expertise...

A gold star with a 5 star rating and google words.

Roberto and the team installed a replacement door leading from the interior to the garage. This door has special building code requirements, and the job was done very well. They also did an excellent job replacing some railroad ties outside. I was pleased with their work.

Joe H.

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Five yellow stars.
A gold star with a 5 star rating and google words.

Roberto and his crew did a fantastic job replacing an existing 500ft deck. He did everything he said he would and was responsive and agreeable to any additional things. I am a former contractor myself and recognize when work is done at a very high level. I will hire him for an additional job as soon as he has the time to do it. You could not hire a better contractor anywhere!

Ken K.

Five yellow stars.
A gold star with a 5 star rating and google words.

Roberto and his team were a delight to work with. Roberto is an excellent listener, works with you, and comes up with a plan. Roberto gave (very fair) estimate and did exactly what he said he would, such as showing up on time, staying within his estimate, and completing the work exactly when he said they would. Every evening, Roberto and his team would clean up and vacuum before they left for the evening, which was terrific. Roberto and his team were thoughtful, respectful, and focused, and they took pride in their workmanship. I would certainly rehire them again as well as highly recommend them.

Connie W.

Five yellow stars.
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On All Design Work


Includes planning, drafting & designing

What Questions Should I Ask Local Home Improvement Companies To Determine Who Best Fits My Needs?

When meeting home improvement contractors in NY, query their experience in the type of renovation you desire, the scope of their services, and their design philosophy. Additionally, read their reviews and look at their portfolio examples. A reputable contractor, like Nuvista, will readily share their achievements and testimonials from satisfied clients in Rockland County

Nuvista’s Home Remodeling Services Include Complete General Contracting Services That Make the Neighbors Say Wow!

Home remodeling isn’t just about renovating—it’s about elevating. In Rockland County, where homes embody both heritage and modernity, Nuvista’s general contractor services stand out. From kitchen facelifts to expansive outdoor decks, Nuvista makes every project a masterpiece. Get ready for compliments!

Who We Are

The Value Leaders For General Contracting In Rockland County

It's no secret that listening and working with clients to design their dream home, sourcing, obtaining permits, planning, and managing crews for a general construction project is no easy task. From start to finish, there is little margin margin for error. Nuvista's President, Roberto Bolanos, demands quality, skilled artisans who are polite, professional, and can think on their feet to solve any problem. How does he know? Because he has "been there and done that" for Rockland County homeowners for over ten years.

Roberto and the team have a smooth running process. They are one of the region's most talented and reliable home renovation teams. They are here to guide you every step of the way to save you time, money, and headaches. You'll love their process as much as their final results. The goal is always the same: to help you develop and build your vision on time and budget. Their work has turned Rockland County heads time and time again.

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The Ideal Team

Our contractors have 100+ years of combined experience in home renovations alone.

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The Ideal Materials

We source from trusted vendors with connections worldwide to maximize the value we deliver.

An engineer showing a plan to the woman.

The Ideal Technology

From high-efficiency AC/heating systems to tankless hot water to installing smart devices... We are here to help!

Our Team

A person wearing a blue checkered sleeve smiling.

Robert B.


Roberto has a drafting and design background, which he employs to help clients' visions become reality. He also oversees all sourcing and estimates.

Carpenter fixing the wall

Henry B.

Construction Supervisor

Manages projects, takes care of permits, ensures materials are delivered, and ensures communications between customers and Nuvista remain open and effective.

Carpenter with a blue hat drilling the hole.

Paul L.

Team Manager.

Keeps project and team focused on the schedule. When issues pop up on the site, Paul is an expert at solving them on the fly and keeping the job moving.

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Hear What Clients Like You Are Saying About Us:

Anohter 5-star review of Nuvista Design GC

Olga P.

What an amazing experience! Roberto and his team transformed my bathroom from yucky to beautiful! Roberto was responsive from the very beginning and extremely reliable. Nuvista made my old bathroom into something so pretty and neat!

5 stars

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to hire a designer separately?

Not with Nuvista; they have designers as part of the team. Call them to schedule an appointment, and let them help you bring your vision to life.

Do I need to obtain permits from my city or HOA?

Nuvista will gladly file all the necessary permits for your home renovation so you don't have to deal with your municipality in Rockland. Just give them a call; they make it all easy!

How will you ensure my project stays on budget?

Nuvista's president, Roberto Bolanos, has over ten years in sourcing and knows how to get the most for any budget. He only works with highly trusted suppliers to ensure your budget is met. Call them for additional details.

Unraveling the Myth of Home Renovation: The Price-Quality Conundrum

Busting a common myth in home renovation is crucial, especially in the eclectic and demanding markets of New York’s diverse counties. It’s a widespread misconception that all contractors deliver identical services, making the lowest bid the most appealing choice. This approach, however, is a risky gamble that often overlooks the nuances of quality and expertise. Not all contractors are created equal, and the value they bring can vastly differ. A bargain price tag might seem attractive at first glance, but balancing cost with quality is essential. Your home is more than just a structure; it’s a sanctuary that reflects your style and ensures your safety.

home renovation myth busting continued...

Regarding home improvement, cutting corners to slash prices is a red flag. A significantly lower bid than its competitors often indicates a compromise in the quality of materials or the level of craftsmanship. This can lead to costly repairs and renovations, negating any initial savings. In Rockland County, NY’s vibrant and varied landscape, where each home has its unique character and requirements, selecting the right contractor is paramount. Choose wisely, valuing expertise and quality over mere cost. Your home’s aesthetic appeal and structural integrity depend on this crucial decision. Remember, the cheapest option in home renovation can be the most expensive in the long run.

Nuvista: The Choice for Value and Quality In A Rockland County Home Renovation Contractor


In the home construction and remodeling world, Nuvista is a value-leader in NY. With a team of dedicated home improvement contractor professionals, each project, whether kitchen or bathroom remodeling, adding an addition, or general home construction, becomes a testament to their commitment. With over ten years of experience, unparalleled residential beauty, and functionality, Nuvista has become the go-to choice for quality and value in a Rockland County home renovation contractor – call 914-393-6581 and experience the Nuvista difference!

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